Trailer For Jennifer Lynch's Surveillance

Jennifer Lynch, David's daughter, is arguably the inspiration for the baby in Eraserhead. How do you think that makes her feel?

She's also the director of Boxing Helena, and the upcoming Surveillance and Hisss. Where Boxing Helena is widely reviled, Surveillance has been receiving mixed advanced word, and snake woman horror film Hisss has a lot of folks' curiosity piqued. She could be on an upwards curve.

The UK trailer for Surveillance has just been launched, ahead of the film's March 6th release. That puts it up against Watchmen which is an odd move, to say the least. It's hardly Travelling Pants style counter programming. Said trailer is after the break – I believe it's the first trailer for the film for an English speaking territory.

[flv: 470 264]

The version of events suggested by the trailer doesn't quite marry up with the distributed synopses: "An FBI agent tracks a serial killer with the help of three of his would-be victims – all of whom have wildly different stories to tell" and "Two FBI agents, Elizabeth Anderson (Julia Ormond) and Sam Hallaway (Bill Pullman), arrive at a local police station in the Santa Fe desert to investigate a series of murders. They interrogate three Witness|eyewitnesses: Police officer Jack Bennet, the meth-addict Bobby, and Stephanie, an eight-year-old girl, whose family was murdered by two figures dressed in jumpsuits and latex masks."

Surveillance video and camcorder films are still very popular (even as Blair Witch turns ten years old). One of the most interesting sounding prospects in the subgenre is Adam Rifkin's Look, still not given any kind of wide release despite being completed in '07 (it had a week at one cinema in each of NY and LA in December of that year). That one is a thriller comprised almost entirely of CCTV footage and has a promo blurb that mentions how the typical American is captured on CCTV 170 times a day – you get the idea. Perhaps a modest showing by Surveillance will encourage a DVD turn for Look (though we had to wait over 15 years for Rifkin's The Dark Backward to get from the big screen to silver disc so I'm not that hopeful).

Incidentally, the UK distributor for Surveillance also released [REC] over here in Blighty. I guess they know what they like. The US release is set for June 2009.

And here, as a Brendo Bonus (ahem), is the German trailer for the film. A similar, but scarier cut – though covered in subtitles. Do you prefer this one too?

[flv: 470 200]