Mickey Rourke Is NOT Crimson Dynamo

When the Hollywood Trade Papers announced that Mickey Rourke was in talks to play the main villain in Iron Man 2, there was a  bunch of confusion as to which character he would be playing. One of the trades said The Crimson Dynamo, while the other claimed that Rourke would be playing Whiplash.When MTV approached the subject of Rourke playing Dynamo, Robert Downey Jr. was quick to say "That's actually incorrect." And when asked if Rourke would be playing Whiplash, Downey found himself "unable to confirm or deny that report, adding that "maybe it's some semblance of both." And that goes in line with some of the rumors we've heard. And it appears that Rourke has still yet to sign his deal, so it's still yet to be seen if he will actually be involved in the film (my guess is that he will).Robert also says that the sequel won't suffer from villain overload, a common concern of the fans, as the film focuses on the responsibility of the world knowing Tony Stark is Iron Man. And one last thing, Downey promises that the film will be "three times more fun and strange", which is great because I loved the moments in the first film where Stark got to show off his more eccentric side. For example. the scene that Robert mentions where he asks everyone to sit down at the press conference.  It was that unusual and unexpected comedy that had me loving the film. Oh yeah, and the action too.