Fan Made Year One Super Bowl Trailer In 3D

You can now watch the Year One Super Bowl television advertisement in 3D. No, Year One wasn't part of the 3D block of Super Bowl ads, and no, Columbia Pictures did not decide to re-render the trailer in 3-D. /Film Reader Demi Adejuyigbe decided to convert the advertisement into 3D himself. Here is the email from Demi to explain:

Hey Mr. Sciretta, I'm a big /Film fan!

I had no part in making Year One, but I saw the Super Bowl commercial yesterday, and I figured- wouldn't it be cool (and headache-inducing) if all of the trailers were in 3D? So I'm starting to do just that, the first of the trailers being Year One because it was easiest to finish. Why? The sake of novelty of course. They only work with the free disposable glasses from the Super Bowl, even though it would be much easier to make it work with your standard red/blue stereoscopic 3D glasses. Nothing actually pops out at you, but it does have a 3D sense to it. Sure, the 3D's not perfect, and it doesn't work as well in places, but it's the best I can do, as the convergence rates for the yellow/blue layers change with every frame. Enjoy! (Note; It was in HD, but when I converted it to suit Vimeo's uploading requirements, that kind of just went out the window.)

Not having a paid of 3D glasses on hand myself (I couldn't find them anywhere), I enlisted Alex Billington from FirstShowing to verify that the 3D actually works and he says it barely does (I'm not sure what that means). Watch the Year One trailer in 3D after the jump.