New Terminator Salvation Production Photos And Concept Art

International distributor Sony Pictures has provided ScreenWeek with four new Terminator Salvation production photos featuring Moon Bloodgood and Common. Meanwhile, WiReD has a fantastic making of feature that includes a bunch of cool conept art from the film, including a look at Skynet, the Terminator factory, and two of the new Terminators: the hydrabot and the Moto-Terminator.

And there is this interesting quote from director McG talking about the ending of Salvation:

"Is Skynet smart enough to use the best parts of ourselves against ourselves? Can we trust the machine?" Mc G asked. "Therein lies the rub and that's what act three is all about. The ending of this film is elliptical. It's going to make a lot of people mad and you'll see lot of people scratching their heads. It's not disposable, where you forget about it before you even get to the parking lot. It's going to make you think."

Head on over to WiReD to see more, including some great concept art of a destroyed Los Angeles. I'm still waiting to see a good digital copy of the epic Golden Gate Bridge concept art.