Nerveracker Is Coming - Will Robert Rodriguez Be Directing?

I don't think we will ever see a Sin City 2, but I guess I should never say never. All the same, it won't be coming anytime soon – Robert Rodriguez has such a full slate, including the ever-expanding list of projects he's producing but not directing.

The latest project to be linked to him is the mysterious Nerveracker. The first whiffs of this mystery project appeared on Box Office Mojo, and apparently they initially listed Rodriguez as director, but no distributor or production company information was given. Then the distributor appeared, and Rodriguez' name disappeared...

Distributor: Weinstein / Dimension – Release Date: April 16, 2010

Genre: Unknown – Running Time: N/A

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated – Production Budget: N/A

So, not a fat lot. Fantastic title, though. It looks as though Fangoria were the only folks to have caught the Box Office Mojo page with both director and distributor named.

The most interesting component, I suppose, is the appearing-disappearing Rodriguez factor. I honestly expected he'd never work with the Weinsteins again. When he set up Shorts, his next kids picture, now in post production for Warners, I thought the coffin was well and truly nailed.

Nerveracker was mentioned by the LA Times back in 2001, as part of a slate of Weinstein films in development.  All of the others – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Others and Impostor – have long since been completed and released. There was a tiny bit of extra information there: that Nerveracker is a "chiller". Can it really have been in development this long and a screenplay not have leaked?  Seems so.

This Nerveracker is, if nothing else, a well kept secret but if it really is due to hit cinemas next April, it won't be able to evade the news for too much longer. Even at this stage, however, the hope for another great film from Rodriguez (he definitely crashed down from the peak of Sin City) makes it all kind of exciting to me.