Jesse Alexander Destroys The World (Again) With 'Day One'

Is it just me, or have post-apocalyptic settings gotten a bit played out lately? That was the first thought running through my head when I read the plot description for Heroes/Lost/Alias vet Jesse Alexander's newly greenlit NBC pilot, Day One (via the Hollywood Reporter):

The project, produced by Universal Media Studios, chronicles the aftermath of a global event that devastates the world's infrastructures when a small band of survivors strive to rebuild society and unravel the mysteries of why the event took place and what the future has in store.

This pilot's greenlighting does beg the question, why exactly is NBC creating an entirely new series when Jericho was doing pretty much the same thing, and already had a fairly rabid fanbase? NBC could certainly afford Jericho, and it honestly seems much easier to transition a show already in production. 

My promise to you: I'm turning this thing off at the first sign of a nuclear cloud in the distance.

Source: THR via Quiet Earth

Discuss: Are you experiencing post-apocalyptic fatigue as well? Any interesting ideas that could revive this concept for television? (I personally want an epic zombie apocalypse show in my lifetime)