Mickey Rourke VS. Chris Jericho On Larry King

After revealing that he would be appearing at WrestleMania, The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke called out WWE wrestler Chris Jericho at the SAG Awards saying that Jericho "better get in shape" because Rourke is "coming after" his "a**." Both Rourke and Jericho appeared on Larry King Live last night where /Film reader Diego says that Jericho called Rourke out, but Mickey did his best to avoid a confrontation. The video is now online and available after the jump.

/Film reader Diego wrote:

"Jericho started off with (surprisingly well-articulated) compliments to the film and Rourke's performance, it quickly shifted to hostility. He told Larry that he found Mickey's comments 'offensive'. Mickey, trying his best to avoid confrontation, told Chris that he respected him, and admitted that his comments at the SAG awards might've been in bad taste. He also admitted that he'd only been a sort of "guest" in the world of wrestling, and that he wouldn't be up for a match against Chris, since his experience was with boxing and bare-knuckle. Chris responded by sort of trying to call Mickey out, telling him that the respect isn't mutual, and that he doesn't know anything about the real world of wrestling. He ended by basically challenging Mickey to a fight, be it wrestling, bare-knuckle, or boxing. Whether this is supposed to be some kind of stunt to promote a fight that might take place at Wrestlmania, I can't say, but it certainly felt genuine."