Michael Cera Speaks: Arrested Development Movie Is More Hypothetical Than You Think

For awhile, it seemed like plans for an Arrested Development film might finally be a go. As far as us AD fans knew, Hurwitz was charging full speed ahead, with Michael Cera as the lone holdout from the cast who just couldn't get with the picture (at least according to Mitch). But what does Cera have to say about all the recent movement on the film?

MTV spoke with Cera at Sundance while he was promoting his new film, Paper Heart. Cera seems actually open to doing an AD film, but thinks that plans aren't nearly as solid as we've been led to believe. "There's no script or anything, so the movie I think is more hypothetical than people think," said Cera. He also joked, "I'd possibly play the part. I'd possibly put the script in my shredder...I'm enjoying being the villain." But ultimately, Cera is "very interested to see what the story is with [the film]."

[Head on over to MTV for the full video from the interview.] Despite Cera's villification on the /Film boards in the past, it seems to me like he's being perfectly reasonable here: He doesn't want to commit to a project until there's a story/script, and something that concrete simply doesn't exist yet (that we know of). Simultaneously though, Hurwitz has said that he doesn't want to write the script until he's confirmed the cast for the film. I guess we'll just have to wait and see who blinks first, but in the meantime, Cera's involvement still strikes me as a bit of a longshot at this point.