Cher And Johnny Knoxville Film Not A Film At All?

To my eye, the story seemed to break on FOX news, who told us that Cher and Johnny Knoxville would be teaming up for a new film called The Drop Out, reportedly to be scripted and directed by Family Guy alum Ricky Blitt. They commented on Cher's age (sigh) and summarized the premise like this: an original comedy about a lonely 62-year-old who takes up with her 35-year-old ne'er-do-well neighbor.

Okay, debate 'original' all you want. Then, the story cropped up on The Hollywood Reporter, who started their story "Have you heard the one about the Cougar and the Jackass?", and later told us "The slacker laughter tracks the fortunes of a 35-year-old career college student (Knoxville) who is finally kicked out of his parents house. Desperate, he decides to get in good with the 62-year-old woman next door (Cher), so he can keep his food, couch and TV regimen intact. In the mix is the woman's ne'er-do-well son, who is looking for a father figure, even if it's a guy his own age."

They didn't actually specify if the project was a feature film in their copy, but did post the piece to their Film News section.

But... you know what? I don't think those two venerable establishments (ahem) have necessarily gotten their facts right here.

So, perhaps Mr. Knoxville and Ms. Sarkisian aren't having a big screen booster here, instead getting... er, well a small screen booster instead. Nah, I'm not going to knock TV. I love The Office (at least the US one, not the UK) and House and can't wait for Dollhouse.

So – disappointed this won't be in the multiplexes? Or disappointed that it might not be all over after 90 minutes and might run for hours and hours?

Incidentally, Knoxville was attached to John Waters kids' film Fruitcake, but Waters broke the disappointing news last week that nobody would cough up the necessary. A crying shame, and yet another reason for me to feel crummy for not being a billionaire.