Sundance Video Blog: A Visit To The Festival Store

Here is another short video blog from the day before Sundance began as I visited the Sundance Merchandise Store with my blogger friends: Kevin Kelly from Spout, Alex from FirstShowing, Vic from ScreenRant, Scott from WeAreMovieGeeks and Neil from FilmSchoolRejects.

If you want, I think some of the items seen in the video are available on the website. In retrospect, I think I might have been too much of an a**hole in my critique of the high prices of the festival merchandise. Truth is, years ago I use to work as a volunteer for the festival in the same shop that you see in this video. All the proceeds from the merchandise go back to the Sundance Institute and the Festival, and purchases are tax deductible. But that's still no excuse for charging $13 for a cube of paper notes.

[flv: 400 300]