Could Two-Face Return For Dark Knight Sequel?

One of the biggest moments of contention in The Dark Knight involved the demise of Two-Face. Many fans believe that the half-burnt Bat villain is still alive as The Batman rides off into the light at the end of the film, but all the facts conflict with that theory.

  • The movie novelization reads "sprawled, neck twisted, the mutilated side of his face exposed, his left eye open and staring sightlessly. He was obviously dead."
  • The screenplay reads "Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken. DEAD."
  • And even actor Aaron Eckhart has said in past interviews that "[Two-Face]'s dead. I asked Chris if there was a chance of coming back. 'No way,' he said. 'He's toast.'" Which is not just a confirmation from the actor but also the director.
  • But when asked by MTV News at tonight's Golden Globes, Eckhart had a slightly different answer:

    "I think Harvey — if he's not dead — is in a serious coma," stated Eckhart, "and I'm not sure he's coming out. They might pull the plug on him."

    Let me first note that Eckhart is an actor and probably has no insight into the development of a third Batman film. Even if they had an idea, they probably wouldn't contact him at this stage of the game. But lets run with this idea.

    Will Harvey Dent play into The Dark Knight sequel? Maybe. Clearly Joker was kept alive for the possible sequel, and even though producer Charles Roven says that the character and the actor are two seperateentities , I seriously doubt that Nolan would attempt to bring The Joker back with another actor behind the make-up (at least not in the third film). Comic Book writer Brian Azzarello once kinda joked "When Heath Ledger died, Harvey Dent came back to life." And he might not be wrong.

    Lets just hope that they don't bring Two-Face back to life. I feel like his character ark has already reached it's ultimate conclusion. However, I could see the concept of Harvey Dent/Two-Face on life support as being one of many possible subplots which might reflect the theme of a third film.