Hollywood Unable To Watch The Golden Globes Live?

If you didn't know, the 66th Annual Golden Globes will be air tonight on NBC from 8-11pm eastern time. The award show is being broadcast live from The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California but oddly enough, the Globes won't air on the west cast until three hours after they happen.

I understand that most people won't even notice, but it seems strange to me that the Hollywood industry types have to read about the winners online or watch the show on a three hour tape delay. As far as I can tell, NBC does not broadcast the show online, so people like me who write about the industry are forced to scour Justin.tv for an illegal rebroadcast of the live show.

If you're looking for a point, there really is none. This isn't even news really. I just wanted to vent about the pure ridiculousness of the situation. I mean, who woulda thought that the people living in Hollywood can't watch the Golden Globes live, but the people in Boston can?

Check back later tonight as we will have the full list of Globe Award Winners.