Could The Joker Return For The Dark Knight Sequel?

There has been no movement on a third Batman film, and there won't likely be anything for a while. But MTV caught up with Dark Knight producer Charles Roven at the People's Choice Awards and asked him a few questions. When asked if Rovan would have changed the fate of The Joker knowing now that the actor could never reprise the role, Rovan responded that "We have to separate the actors from the role."

Which I think means, that with all due respect, The Joker and Heath are two completely separate entities. The Joker could return for the sequel if the story called for it. It's a possibility that we've danced around this whole time, because we all assumed it would never happen. That said, I doubt that it will, but I wanted to get your opinion on the possibility.

Discuss: Would you be okay with The Joker being recast so that the character could return for the third film?