Garrett Hedlund Cast As The Lead In Tron 2.0

Disney has finally announced the lead star for their upcoming Tron sequel. Garrett Hedlund, star of such films Friday Night Lights, Eragon, Georgia Rule, and Death Sentence, beat out Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield) for the role.

Disney is keeping a tight grasp on the film's story details and won't even reveal the name of Garrett's character. All that is known is that Hedlund plays a man who is sucked into the computer program and finds himself "retracing the steps of a character from the original movie named Kevin Flynn", who was played by Jeff Bridges. Bridges has signed on to return for the sequel, as has Bruce Boxleitner. Beau Garrett and Olivia Wilde are also attached. You can read what Wilde had to say about the project in a story posted earlier today.

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source: THR