Olivia Wilde Says Tron 2.0 Will Be Revolutionary

Olivia Wilde thinks that you will be blown away by Disney's Tron 2.0. And she would know, since she's in the movie. But don't ask her what the name of her character is, or any story information, because she's not going to tell you. Sci-Fi Wire caught up with the actress, and was able to get her to spill some advance hype for the much anticipated sequel.

"The film will be just as impressive for our time as it was in 1982 for the original. The technological advances have, of course, been enormous, and the effects that we have access to have been so revolutionary," Wilde told SciFi. "And I think that it's really going to please people that it's going to be just as kind of huge and shocking and just as much of a new movie-watching experience as the first one was."

I have a lot of faith in director Joseph Kosinski, as I'm a big fan of his commercial work (watch some of them here). But one of my concerns about the project is that it would be shot almost entirely on green screen stages. And we all know that green screen and computerized sets is like the new CG and the backlash has already begun with The Spirit. But Wilde assures us that they are building practice sets.

"They're going to build a huge amount of the set. [Joseph Kosinski is] a really big fan of using as much sets as you can, because he's an architect as well, so he likes to build these worlds. And with something like Tron, I think it helps to create the environment as much as possible without too much green screen so that these characters can exist within this world."

But that's all we're getting for now. With a tentative release of 2011, we're going to have a nice couple of years learning more information about this project.