Worst Poster Ever: Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li

KristinKreukWeb has posted the first english poster for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. I know we're only four days into 2009, but I'm already nominating this one-sheet for Worst Movie Poster of 2009. When we first received the poster over the weekend, I wasn't sure it was even real. It looks like a bad fan-made photoshop. But it appears to be legit after all. I have a theory that all bad marketing started off with a good idea. My guess is that the marketing guys at Fox saw one of the early Street Fighter video game covers and came up with the idea of using the sillioette of the two fighters going at it.

Not a bad idea. I have photoshoped the actual poster to reflect this concept. It actually doesn't look THAT bad.Imagine if the lettering was also in black to give the poster a two-color color scheme.

Then some studio executive probably sent over a note saying that the stars need to sell the movie. I mean, its not like anyone has ever played and of the video games in the long running fighter franchise, right? So then they added Kristin Kreuk's head inside the silhouette, but the rest of the image now felt off balance. This lead to the decision to fill the silhouette with floating heads. What a great idea. /Film reader Christopher M for the tip.