New Watchmen Featurette Shows Us More Of The Movie We'll Never See

In an attempt to say "Nothing to see here, Lawsuit... what lawsuit? Everything is fine. Look See... Fine!", Warner Bros has released yet another Watchmen featurette on MySpace. Director Zack Snyder gives an overview of the film and the characters of the world. So watch the video below, and take a look at the film that we probably won't see if the evil fox corporation has their way (yes, that was a joke... and if you didn't get it, so was the title of this article).

And for the record, I think fanboys need to stop placing blame on Fox for this whole mess. I hate Fox just as much as the next guy, but it looks like they probably aren't in the wrong, at least in this situation. I'm no Lawyer, but I've read a lot about this case and it looks to me like Fox had the rights to make a Watchmen movie and never willingly relinquished those rights. According to Fox, they contacted Warner Bros during pre-production. If this is true, Warner Bros should have been more careful, but they weren't... They went ahead with production anyways. And to make matters worse, it seems that this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened with Warner Bros. Please Google "Dukes of Hazard Warner Bros Lawsuit" for more information.

Fanboys like to claim that "Fox is only suing Warner Bros now because they see that the movie is going to make tons of money." While it is true that Fox wants money, I'm pretty sure their would have been a lawsuit regardless of the hype. Imagine if Zack Snyder had made a bad movie, and the buzz online was that the film looked worse than Disaster Movie. I'm confident that Fox would have still filed a lawsuit. Imagine that you own the rights to make a Batman movie. You're developing the property, or sitting onto it to wait for the right time when you discover that another studio is making a really crappy Batman movie without obtaining the rights from you. You tell them to stop, they don't. When they attempt to release it, would you let them? No. It's your property, and you have to protect it. Not only could a bad movie hurt the brand name (a brand name that you hold the rights to) but it forces your hand.

It sucks that this Fox lawsuit is happening at all. But I'm sure that we will see this film, so calm down. But if you're going to hate Fox, please hate them for their shitty movies. Hate them for placing Joss Whedon television series on Friday nights. Hate them for giving Bill O'Reilly a television show. But don't hate them for this. Or at least not yet. As we get closer to the January trial, I think it will become clearer who is to blame. And sadly, that might not be Fox.