LOL: One Critic Calls The Spirit One Of The Best Movies Of The Year

/Film reader Koorck sends over the below new television advertisement for Frank Miller's The Spirit, which includes a quote calling it "one of the best films of the year!" But wait? The early reviews pegged Frank Miller's comic book movie adaptation as somewhere between the worst movie of all time, or one of the worst films of the year. Even the slightly positive reviews say things like " entertaining, if forgettable" and "the film has no story to speak of and the tone is all over the place".

What respectable film critic would make the claim that the movie is one of 2008's best? Earl Dittman? Nope... Our over enthusiastic friend over at — Alex Billington? Nope, we have confirmed that he hasn't even been shown the film yet. The small type at the bottom of the screen reads: Scott Hoffman Really interested to find out why Hoffman believes the film is so incredible, I've tried searching the MoviePictureFilm website for his review, but came up empty handed. I did however find his review from last year calling Southland Tales "one of the best movies of 2007".