Question Of The Week: Your Favorite Christmas-Related Movie

The /Film Question of the Week is a weekly question to the community that emerges from the /Filmcast: After Dark. Feel free to post your responses in the comments below. The best answers are read on the air during the show. This week during the show, we talked about some of our favorite movies that somehow feature Christmas, either explicitly (e.g. A Christmas Story) or that have Christmas in the background somehow  (e.g. Go, or Die Hard)

This week's question of the week is: What is your favorite Christmas-related movie? (Please write a few sentences to either explain why, or to tell a story that relates to it)

Tune in on Monday night at around 10:30 PM EST to Slashfilm's live page, as we read the best answers on the air. You can subscribe to the /Filmcast by using the following links: