New Star Trek Banner

Update: Paramount has released a higher resolution version of the new crew banner advertising for JJ Abrams' Star Trek. Click on the image above to see the image in higher resolution.MTV has a short interview with Abrams, who talks about the film's humor, the Slusho reference, Leonard Nimoy's involvement and the difference between his Trek movie and the Trek of the past. I'll leave you with this short excerpt:

"There's a level of relevance that I think is really because of the actors playing the part. I didn't want to just re-create or reset everything, I thought going back to those characters was important. [In previous films] when we met those characters, we met them pre-established. They'd already been working together, they already knew each other. They had this history. And for some reason, the origin of those relationships of those characters was something that probably would have helped me, at least, connect to them and understand why I should care about them and who they were. So on those fundamental levels, none of the movies have had that before. But on a much more practical level, "Star Trek" has never had the opportunity, nor the resources, to be realized in this way. Things like the ships and the battles and the planets and the chases and the action sequences ... and do them in a way that felt thrilling and terrifying and entertaining in a way that the show and the prior movies simply couldn't afford to do. I feel we were able to bring to life, in a way we've never seen before, what it is to be a member of Starfleet. And that's kind of cool."

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