Geek Deal: Juno Soundtrack On Sale For $3.99

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The Amazon MP3 Daily Deal is literally one of the first sites I stop at everyday. Amazon has been completely destroying iTunes when it comes to value recently. Their mp3s are encoded at a higher quality than iTunes' and come without restrictive DRM technology, meaning you can play them on any type of device. And when their daily deals offer popular albums, usually below $4, you realize it's one of the best values on the internet (I've spent probably $50 on Amazon this year, and bought about 25 albums).

Today's deal is the soundtrack to Juno, on sale for $3.99 in downloadable mp3 form. It's a calming, cute, and eclectic mix of music featuring The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, Cat Power, and of course, Moldy Peaches/Michael Cera & Ellen Page performing "Anyone Else But You." At this price, I would think it's a must-buy for Juno fans.

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