Trailer For Danish Martial Arts Film "Fighter"

I've been following Natasha Arthy's Fighter ever since the initial trailers hit, and my anticipation for the film continues to grow as it slowly travels West-ward. The Danish film is about a teenage Turkish girl who finds herself outcast from both her family and society due to conflicting pressures. Ultimately, she finds solace in martial arts. On paper it sounds like a more dramatic Karate Kid, but the trailers also hint at some great Crouching Tiger-esque choreography. By many accounts, the film is phenomenal.

Now Twitch brings us the new UK trailer for the film, and while it starts off rather deceptively (you could easily imagine a dramatic Don LaFontaine reading of that opening text), it eventually rewards us with some great looking fight scenes. While it seems a bit wire-heavy at times, it's done so well that I could easily imagine star Semra Turan could actually fly wuxia-style. This is not much of a surprise since the choreography comes courtesy of Xian Gao, who worked on both Crouching Tiger and Fong Sai Yuk.

While this trailer fails to show any of dramatic elements, it will at least convince people to see Fighter. From what I hear, the dramatic parts of the film work just as well as the action. I'm eager to see how the film handles the conflict between her conservative Muslim family and that of the more liberal Danish society.

Fighter screened at Fantastic Fest in Austin this past September, but there's no word on a US release yet. It's hitting DVD in the UK in February.