Transformers 2 Trailer In February

Michael Bay has confirmed in a post on his message board that the trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will hit in February, either in movie theaters or attached to the Superbowl. Bay also says that theatrical teaser posters will hit shortly after the new year. The Bay-produced Friday the 13th remake hits theaters on February 13th 2009, but that seems like a really odd fit for the teaser:

Hey everyone. Back from Egypt and Jordan – we had a wonderful shoot over there. I will miss the crew they were an amazing bunch of people and a lot of fun. I'm stuck in the edit room up to my eye balls – also finished producing Friday the 13th and The Unborn – coming out the after the new year. Our Trailer for Transformer you have been asking about – First there will be a teaser poster soon after the new year, and the teaser trailer will be out either in the theaters early Feb. or on the Superbowl. Cannot decide yet. I'm going to release some set stills on this site in a few weeks. I'll keep you informed. Going back to do more selects now from my portable avid that I take home from work. It's late, see you.

Transformers producer Don Murphy has also commented on his message board saying that they are planning to hold off on the big marketing push the film until the final stretch.

"We're kind of trying to follow the PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN model, that is, no publicity for as long as possible, since the sequel will have enormous attention no matter what we do."