The Dark Knight Score Now Eligible For Academy Award

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Yes, another Dark Knight news posting — but this time it's not just another crazy third film rumor or "Christopher Nolan is still considering a Dark Knight sequel" update.

In November, the Executive Committee of the Academy of Motion Pictures music branch ruled that the score for The Dark Knight was disqualified due to a technicality — five names were listed as composers on the music cue sheet for royalty reasons (Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and three other individuals — music editor Alex Gibson, ambient music designer Mel Wesson and composer Lorne Balfe).

But now the Los Angeles Times is reporting (and Variety has since confirmed) that the Motion Picture Academy may have reversed its decision, and Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard will now be allowed to compete in the Best Original Score category. The Academy's executive director Bruce Davis was quoted last week defending his decision saying that he "sees this as an award, like cinematography or directing, where you want to award a single creator." But it appears the music branch had another vote on Friday about the decision, and concluded that the score should be eligible for an award nomination.

The Dark Knight Soundtrack is still available for $12.99 on Amazon, but Warner Bros music is also releasing a two-CD special edition (now available for preorder for $45.49 on Amazon), which includes four bonus remix tracks and an 40 page hardbound book.

Thanks to /Film reader Zinc for the tip.