Cool Stuff: Dark Knight DVD/Blu-Ray Exclusives

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The Dark Knight hits stores on Tuesday. Some stores are holding midnight launches Tonight. There are so many different options, giftsets, exclusives, that I thought I'd simplify everything in one easy to digest post. First up, lets explain the four different editions:

1. Single-Disc Edition DVD which comes in either Widescreen or Full Screen

$14.99 Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City

$15.00 Target

2. Two-Disc Special Edition DVD

$20.99 Amazon

$22.99: Best Buy and Target

3. The Blu-Ray Two-Disc Special Edition

$23.99 Amazon

$24.99: Best Buy and Target

$26.99: Circuit City

4. The Blu-Ray Two Disc Limited Edition Batpod Giftset

$46.99: Target

$47.86: Walmart

$47.99: Amazon

$49.99: Best Buy

$59.99: Circuit City

Now for the exclusives:

Best Buy:

  • Free Batman or Joker Poster when you preorder in Store.
  • Free exclusive Joker Playing Card with any Dark Knight DVD/Bluray purchase. Strangely, the joker card featured Batman, and not Heath Ledger as The Joker.
  • Exclusive Batman or Joker replica mask when you buy either the Two-Disc DVD ($34.99) or the Blu-Ray Gift Set ($39.99)
  • Free $20 Best Buy Gift Card instantly when you buy any Blu-Ray edition and a Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player.
  • Circuit City:An exclusive "Why So Serious" slipcover featuring The Joker for the Two-Disc Limited Edition DVD with a bonus Batman journal


    Single-Disc DVD Edition comes with exclusive comic book and commemorative Two-Face coin replica.


    Two-Disc and Blu-Ray editions come in exclusive collectible Batman mask packaging.


    Exclusive Steelbook version of the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD for $25.99 (available online)


    Free 2009 Dark Knight Calendar with purchase of the Two-Disc DVD or Blu-Ray


    $219.99 Bundle: Dark Knight Two-disc Blu-ray, a Sylvania Blu-ray player and a four-week Blockbuster rental card

    Toys R Us:

    Free Batman Projector Flashlight

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