Keanu Reeves Says No To Speed 3; Maybe To Bill And Ted 3

Earlier this week, it was reported that Fox has a a scriptment for Speed 3, which involves the return of Officer Jack Traven, the lead character played by Keanu Reeves in the original film. Many people just assumed that Keanu would want to return to the down and out action film franchise. But Reeves didn't return for Speed 2: Cruise Control, so why would he return for this one? Especially since he's made enough bank from the Matrix sequels to pick and choose his projects. And it looks like I was right. Reeves told IGN UK:

"I don't know if they are going to make another one, and if they are it won't be with me... honestly!"

That said, Reeves seemed to entertain the idea of another Bill and Ted movie:

"Maybe we could do it with them both grown up — they haven't saved the world and they're just living their lives as middle-aged men. That sound's quite funny."

As much as I love the Bill and Ted movies, I think I'd much prefer to see Speed 3 with Keanu in the lead.