David Fincher In Page Six

The New York Post's Page Six today has an item on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button director David Fincher that claims that his "imperious ways"are getting on the nerves of Paramount employees:

We are working our asses off trying to get Oscar nominations, and he is so abusive that it's crushing," said an insider at Paramount. "Whatever we do, it's not enough." After an LA screening, Fincher was rude to John Goldwyn, who was running Paramount in the early '90s when the movie ... was first in development. After Goldwyn congratulated Fincher, "he hit Goldwyn in the chest with his hand and hurt him and said, 'That's for you, for not greenlighting the movie when you had a chance.' " ... Our insider said, "If we never hear the name David Fincher again, it will be too soon."

This isn't exactly news as Fincher's supposed "abrasive" behavior has been well documented in years past. But hey, strong artists sometimes rub others the wrong way. From what I understand, Fincher and Paramount have officially made up after feuding over the Ben Button running time, and last I heard, Heavy Metal is back on at the studio. Fincher's Chef project starring Keanu Reeves was also just set up at the studio, so its interesting that a Paramount insider has picked this time to "speak up".

via: Playlist