Update: George Miller Still Attached To Justice League

Update: Apparently Dark Horizon's scooper was inaccurate. George Miller is still officially attached to a Justice League movie (which doesn't necessarily mean that Warner Bros is going to make one any time soon) and did not appear on a Sydney morning show earlier this week.While making an appearance on a Sydney morning show, director George Miller has confirmed that he is no longer involved with Warner Bros' Justice League movie in any capacity. If you remember, Warners had been trying to retool the concept with Miller still at the helm. Well, not anymore. According to Dark Horizons, the Aussie filmmaker said that the studio wants "bigger stars in their superhero movies now."

Yeah, and I'm sure the online backlash to their Justice League 90210 concept had nothing to do with this big realization? Or maybe it was the success of Marvel's recent films? Either way, I'm kinda glad that Miller is no longer involved. He's a great director but I never saw him as the right guy to tackle superhero material.

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