55-Minute Milk Interview On Charlie Rose

If you've been reading /Film for a while, than you know that I love long form interviews. Unfortunately, the surge of online press has changed the entire press tour landscape. Its all roundtables or short 10-15 minute one-on-ones. I'm so happy that there are still shows out there like NPR's Fresh Air and David Poland's DP30 that offer an arena for an in-depth conversation.

Charlie Rose had a one hour episode dedicated to Gus Van Sant's Milk. Thankfully, Rose puts all of his interviews on Google Video, so you can watch it embedded below. If you have any doubt about Sean Penn's performance, watch some of the original footage of Harvey Milk that Rose shows at the start of the show. Rose talks to both Penn, Josh Brolin and director Van Sant. Enjoy.

via: Obsessed with Film