Could Twilight Bring About A New Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie?

Could Buffy The Vampire Slayer make a comeback on the big screen? The Australian Herald Sun newspaper is reporting a new rumor that suggests the box office success of Twilight could have 20th Century Fox interested in a Buffy movie. And this is where the rumor gets a bit unbelievable. Apparently Joss Whedon has a screenplay already written, and ready to go.I'm not saying that the idea is completely unbelievable, but it just seems a bit too coincidental. Especially considering that Season Eight of the series is currently being released in comic form. I'm sure that Buffy fans are already freaking out over the idea, and while I'm not saying it definitely isn't going to happen, I would suggest that fans take a "wait and see" attitude.Another big screen Buffy movie isn't out of the question. After all, we're talking about the same studio that brought The X-Files back to the big screen after being off the air for six years. One could argue that Fox would have learned their lesson with that release, which was made for over $30 million and grossed only $21 million domestically. But 20th Century Fox isn't known for making smart decisions when it comes to movie and television properties.Discuss: Would you pay to see a new big screen Buffy movie?

source: Moviehole