Movie Trailer: Tony Gilroy's Duplicity

Ever since the fairly spectacular Michael Clayton, I've been eagerly awaiting Tony Gilroy's next directorial project, Duplicity. Honestly, how could you not get excited about a film that reunites Closer stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, and includes Tom Wilkinson (who should seriously consider hitching his wagon to every Gilroy script), and Paul Giamatti? Clayton proved that Gilroy had the directing chops to match his screenwriting prowess—which is saying something given that he's written all the Bourne films thus far.

Owen and Roberts play a pair of corporate spys who've fallen into a steamy relationship and devise the ultimate plan to rip off their respective employers—competing pharmeceutical companies run by Wilkinson and Giamatti. I love the energy from this trailer, and I'm glad to see that Universal has figured out the perfect way to sell this film. It's unabashadly Oceans-esque, but that makes sense for something that seems to be a heist film at its core. Owen looks less broody than usual, Roberts less annoying, and Giamatti and Wilkinson just seem like they're having a lot of fun hamming up their roles as the competing CEOs.

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Watch the trailer in High Definition on Apple. Duplicity hits theaters on March 20, 2009.