Hollywood Goes Bollywood?

Forget Hollywood, Bollywood is the new red.  It is only a matter of time before we see the first Bollywood film cross over and connect with American audiences. And who knows, maybe the film will feature American stars, filmmakers and or writers. When I talked to Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle in September, he told me that Will Smith had visited India a couple times over the last year in hopes of starring in a Bollywood film. After seeing Slumdog, I have since become more and more interested in Bollywood. It now seems rather odd that we haven't yet seen a big crossover or collaboration.

Now THR reports that Taxi Driver and Raging Bull screenwriter Paul Schrader has decided to write and direct a Bollywood action film titled Extreme City. Schrader points to the cold financial climate as one of the reasons he is moving to India, which will offer more creative freedom and a new audience. Extreme City is described as "a cross-cultural tale that will center on an American man who travels to India to help resolve a kidnapping case for his father-in-law, only to get caught up in a gangster plot." The script will likely feature musical numbers, and Schrader is already in talks with a bunch of Bollywood stars.