Listen To The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Score

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Warner Bros has put Alexandre Desplat's entire score for David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button online on their For Your Consideration Awards site. Here is the complete tracklisting:

1. Postcards

2. Mr. Gateau

3. Meeting Daisy

4. A New Life

5. Love in Mourmansk

6. Meeting Again

7. Mr. Button

8. Little Man Oti

9. Alone At Night

10. It Was Nice to Have Met You

11. Children Games

12. Submarine Attack

13. The Hummingbird

14. Love Returns

15. Sunrise On Lake Pontchartrain

16. Daisy's Ballet Career

17. The Accident

18. Stay Out of My Life

19. Nothing Lasts

20. Some Things You Never Forget

21. Growing Younger

22. Dying Away

23. Benjamin and Daisy

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button soundtrack two-disc CD set hits stores on December 16th 2008. You can preorder it now on Amazon for $19.98. Thanks to Alex from FirstShowing for the tip.