Cool Stuff: Firefly/Serenity Maps

Quantum Mechanix has released the Complete and Official Map of the Verse, the first comprehensive guide to the worlds of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Spread over both sides of the 65 lbs heavy cover stock paper, the map, measures 25 x 38 inches and "documents the location, relative sizes and names of the 215 terraformed worlds and moons, seven gas giants, seven protostars and five distinct star systems that comprise the star cluster known as The Verse."

Created by Serenity graphic designer Geofferey Mandel, the map was compiled over months using dozens of experts of every stripe (science, design, production) and then tested against storylines and other sources of continuity including the Dark Horse Serenity comics, the Serenity Role-Playing Game and even some fan-generated fiction. Available Z-folded (down to 9.5 by 12.5 inches) and inserted into a glassine envelope for $26.95 or hand-rolled and shipped in an archival tube for $34.95.

Also available on Quantum Mechanix is Worlds of the Alliance lithograph, which was created by designer Geoffrey Mandel for the classroom scene in the movie Serenity, but was never used because the final set had no walls. Only 1,000 30"x24" lithographs of the Worlds of the Alliance were printed. Hand-signed and numbered by Mr. Mandel himself, available for just $39.95.

The site also has available a map of Serenity Valley. Created by 'Verse historian and QMx artisan Ben Mund, this 30" x 26.5" lithograph is printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper and contains a complete topographical rendering of the infamous valley, including many landmarks and other details of historic importance dating back to 2506, just prior to the outbreak of hostilities that would become known as the Unification War. The 1,500 limited edition print is hand-signed and numbered by Mr. Mund himself. Available for 39.95 from Quantum Mechanix.

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The Complete and Official Map of the Verse via: AICN