Nicole Kidman May Retire From Acting

At a press conference to promote her new film, Australia, Nicole Kidman revealed that she is thinking about retiring from acting:

In terms of my future as an actor and stuff, I don't know. I am in a place in my life where ... I've had some great opportunities and I may just choose to have some more children. I've no idea what is in my future but I am very at peace with where I want to be...There are many things I want to do besides act.

I've always thought Kidman has gotten a raw deal from the press, and I'd honestly be sad to see her go. Between her former marriage with Tom Cruise and her recent string of box office flops, Kidman has not been very successful at maintaining her stardom. Forbes magazine recently ranked her as one of the most overpaid celebrities in Hollywood, her movies earning only $8 for every $1 she got paid (Kidman earned $15 million for The Golden Compass alone). I think that some bad decisions and bad luck have resulted in a terrible reputation for an otherwise fine actress. Deep down, I want Australia to be her redemption, and (if she retires) a spectacular swan song. But her recent films and the reports of a troubled Australia production aren't doing much to inspire my confidence. What do you guys think?

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