Alice In Wonderland Not Being Shot In 3D?

Back in September, we posted the first set photos of Mia Wasikowska as Alice in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I noticed that the camera filming Wasikowska didn't appear to be a 3D rig. At the time I wrote it off as possibly being one of the non-3D scenes from the start of the film, before Alice enters Wonderland.

MarketSaw is now reporting that Tim Burton is not shooting any scenes from the film using 3D cameras. I'm not sure how much of the production will be shot using performance capture, but if they are filming on practical sets, I don't understand why Burton would shoot in 2D. Some would argue that converting to 3D in post production gives you a lot more control over the depth and look of the 3D. But it is generally an expensive and exhausting process to convert live-action 2D to 3D, which leads me to believe that much of Alice is probably being shot on a green screen stages.