New Ghostbusters Theme Park Attraction?

Remember the old Ghostbusters Spooktacular attraction at Universal Studios Florida? It was a special effects show with smokes, holographic ghosts, Slimer, and of course, The Ghostbusters. I remember it being a lot of fun, but I was also a kid when I visited the park. Now as I look back at old photos from the attraction, it doesn't look nearly as cool as I remember. The show was shut down in 1996 for an attraction based on Twister. Well the Ghostbusters might be coming back to a theme park near you. UGO noticed the following line hidden in a press release about the franchise's 25th anniversary:

"To recognize this special milestone, Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc has licensed the property for several new products to commemorate the anniversary, including: video games, toys, t-shirts, comic books, prop replicas, and a theme park attraction. In addition, the original Ghostbusters car (Ecto-1) has been fully restored with plans for special promotional appearances throughout the US. And for the first time ever, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II on Blu-rayTM disc."

Did you see that? Hidden in the list of licenses is "a theme park attraction". No other information is known at this time. Also, Masters Replicas have announced that they will be producing a series of 1:1 scale prop replicas including:

  • Ghost Trap Limited Edition 1:1 scale with lights, sounds and other features. ETA: Spring 2009
  • Proton Pack Limited Edition 1:1 scale with lights, sounds and other features. ETA: Fall 2009
  • No photos available at this time. Watch for a future Cool Stuff update.

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