Matt Reeves Explains Why He's Remaking Let The Right One In

As you know, Let the Right One In was one of our favorite movies this year. And you might also remember, the Swedish vampire coming of age adaptation is getting an American remake. MTV was able to talk with director Matt Reeves, who gave some details and reassurances about the project.

"I see the film as essentially being the fantasies of this 12 year old who's having such a hard time. It would never be that overt where you would watch the movie and say that's a dream but to me that is kind of an organizing principle," Reeves told MTV. "I had such a personal reaction when I saw the movie and when I read the book. I felt like there was an opportunity to do something incredibly personal while still being in a genre arena."

Sounds like an interesting take on the material to me. The personal nature of the film has been a big concern of fans of the original. It would be easy for Hollywood to go full out genre, and loose everything that makes the original so special. Reeves also reveals that the remake will be set in the early 1980's in a snowy locale: "I've been thinking of Colorado, maybe Littleton." Overture Films is shooting for a January 15th 2010 release, which is not so coincidentally – one day before the two year anniversary of Reeves' Cloverfield.