2012 Viral: InstituteForHumanContinuity.org

/Film reader Kevin B came across a viral website from Roland Emmerich's 2012. I checked the domain records, and the website points to a name server at Sony Pictures. So it seems like it might be legit. Here is the e-mail from Kevin:

After watching the teaser for Roland Emmerich's 2012, I was curious about the whole concept and I took the trailer's advice (I don't know if anyone's ever said a movie trailer gave them advice before...) and googled it.

I was interested to find that the first link, sponsored no less, was to a site with the URL "InstituteForHumanContinuity.org" and the tagline "Let Us Help You Prepare For 2012 Because Your Government Won't."  When I went to the site, I found myself scratching my head when the site wanted me to register for some kind of "lottery" that would "save" me (brings to mind Deep Impact, if you ask me).

I thought the site was interesting and immediately figured it was some sort of viral site that was made just to generate buzz about the movie, so I thought I should do my due diligence and inform the awesome writers of /Film.com who in turn, could inform their loyal readers of this suspicious website.

Anyways, like I said, love /Film and even if you knew about the site already, keep up the great work!


Kevin B from WI