Viral: Who Is Aidan Weinglas?

/Film reader Zack T sent over the above video of James Franco's tribute to Wonderglen co-founder, Aidan Weinglas. It's too funny to be real, but not funny enough to be "Just a stand-alone gag". Seems like it is part of a new viral web game, possibly for an upcoming movie?

After searching Google, you will find, the official website for Wonderglen Productions. The employee login and password is already filled in, allowing you direct access to the site's employee-only intranet. The Wonderglen production Intranet site lists a show called "Hobbit House" as in production. You can read the project synopsis below:

"Do little miniature mans have their own home-repair issues? You bet, and they need remodeling just like a full size persons. Wonder Glen productions take a close-up look at some of the small dwellings where a Hobbit might live: burrows, bungalows, tunnels, and hovels and bunkers. You don't have to be a Hobbit to savor the fine art of fancying up a tiny house, and the little guys want to make it eco friendly, to realize the green dream of the hippies. It's a half hour of green building, underground living and smashing down a Hobbit house then constructing it back up into the American dream. If you like The Lord of the Rings movie or book, get ready for a sensational something. Imagine a house with circle shape doors plus a three foot tall man!"

The founders, Aidan Weinglas and Pieter Voorhees both have Linked In profiles and facebook pages. There is a wordpress blog titled "WonderGlen, give me a job!". MetaCafe has a video tribute to WonderGlen CEO Pieter Voorhees.

So, does anyone have a clue who Aidan Weinglas is? What is WonderGlen?