Cool Stuff: A Map Of Marvel's Manhattan

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I once saw this television special called Marvel Super Heroes' Guide To New York City, which was a basic travelogue using the famous locations featured in the Marvel Comics universe. I've always loved visiting locations from famous films, but this tv special took it to a new extreme – the famous locations of fictional events which were drawn in the pages of comic books.

I recently discovered a book by Peter Sanderson called The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City, which may have inspired the travel special (not quite sure...).

Earlier today I found this wonderful map of Marvel's Manhattan, that was originally published in Wizard Magazine Issue #199, published in March 2008. If only someone made a wall sized poster which included more locations. (hint hint, Marvel, hint!)

My friend Mike from Great White Snark comments "Not marked: spot where Spider-Man continuity for the last 20 years was erased."

via: Kottke