The Curious Case Of The Missing Benjamin Button Poster Art

The film comes out in just a month and a half, and Paramount has not yet released a poster for David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Not a teaser poster – NOTHING. In comparison, Watchmen comes out three months later and already has three different posters, not including the series of seven or eight character posters that were released at Comic Con 2008.

Fincher is known to be extremely hands on with every single part of the production process, including marketing. Notice how the trailer for Benjamin Button is only on Notice how there isn't even a non-HD download option? This is because Fincher doesn't want you to see his trailer in anything less than High Definition. Oh, and from what I understand, he's also a Apple/Quicktime fanatic. So the fact that we're 44 days away from release without an official poster, doesn't surprise me.

But the official Apple trailer page has been updated with a new graphic which looks curiously like the new cover of the two-disc Benjamin Button soundtrack. I'm predicting that this is probably a piece of what we can expect from the official theatrical poster, which is probably being printed as I type this. Expect it in theaters later this week.

source: Fincherfanatic