Another Brett Ratner-Directed Guitar Hero Commercial

A couple weeks back, we told you that Brett Ratner was directing a series of commercials for Guitar Hero World Tour. Last week we posted an article slamming the first, which featured sports stars Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant and Michael Phelps recreating the scene from Risky Business.

We called Brett Ratner a hack (as we often do), and our good friend Danny T reminded us that Ratner might not have had anything to do with the concept. But that doesn't mean the commercial still doesn't suck worse than a hoover.

And this morning we found a second commercial in the new series directed by Ratner. Its the same concept, but this one features Heidi Klum in her underwear. As expected, its a lot better than the spot with the sports stars for two obvious reasons. However, I'm still not sure it could be considered "good". Why hire a big Hollywood director to produce this? It seems rather pointless.

I can just imagine Ratner off to the side yelling at Hedi to shake her top more. And yes, there is something really sleazy about that thought.