Lone Ranger / Clooney Casting Rumor Debunked; Bruckheimer On Pirates 4 In IMAX

/Film was part of a small group of media outlets who spoke with producer Jerry Bruckheimer while in London on Tuesday afternoon. We asked if the rumors were true: has George Clooney had been cast alongside Johnny Depp (previously announced) in The Lone Ranger.

"We haven't decided who is going to play the Lone Ranger yet. We'll get a director first and then figure it out."

Bruckheimer also said that screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are currently hard at work finishing The Lone Ranger script and working on "the story and plot-lines" for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. When asked about the possibility of shooting some sequences of Pirates 4 in IMAX, Bruckheimer responded:

"Absolutely, I'd love to do it. Lets just see if we can work it through the production schedule with everything else."

This is the same response we have gotten from most filmmakers and producers. I'll be excited when I begin to see them making a commitment to the huge screen.