Slumdog Millionaire Gets Rated R?! What!?

Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire is the type of film that will have everyone leaving the theater with both tears and a smile. It's a beautiful film about first love, fate and destiny, and growing up in the slums of India. When I saw the film at the Telluride Film Festival last month, Alex from FirstShowing commented to me that the reason why there is no blood shown in a critical scene that involved a gun (not a spoiler, don't worry), is because the film will be released PG-13. And that reasoning made complete sense to me. There were a couple instances throughout the film when the camera cuts away before any graphic violence is show. There is no nudity (aside from a little kid running to the shower). It iss a film that would appeal huge to teen audiences, if Fox Searchlight could somehow trick them into buying a ticket. But apparently the MPAA thinks otherwise.

The MPAA gave the film an R-Rating "for some violence, disturbing images and language." I call bullshit. Fox Searchlight should have taken this one to the appeal process. If Two-Face in The Dark Knight got a PG-13 rating, than Slumdog should have been awarded a PG. It's a shame that Searchlight didn't want to take the extra time to fight this one out. I'm guessing that Fox are more concerned with getting the rating on the posters as soon as possible, so that they can meet the November 12th release date. You see, Searchlight also has to market Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler (out in December). And both films need to hit theaters by the end of the year for Award consideration.. They have given both films just enough separation to do so properly. But the lack of time before the release probably prevents an appeals process from happening. Just my own speculation. But it does make sense, right?

source: THR