Movie Tourism: Groundhog Day Location To Become A Real Bed And Breakfast

Last week I told you about the Christmas Story fan convention which is being held in Cleveland, in and around the original house which was used in the movie which has now been converted to a tourist attraction. This week I have something possibly even cooler. As many times as I've watched A Christmas Story over the years, it doesn't come close to my love and admiration of the Harold Ramis comedy Groundhog Day. It's one of my very favorite comedies of all time.

Remember the Bed and Breakfast that Bill Murray's character stays at in the film? Well its not actually a bed and breakfast, but instead a 114-year-old Queen Anne-Victorian house in Woodstock, IL (The interiors were actually shot on a soundstage).

In fact, most of the film's exteriors took place in Woodstock, and not Punxsutawney. There is an actual plaque commemorating the puddle that Bill Murray steps in during the movie (photo thanks to 1heckofaguy). And there is a plaque on a wall declaring it "Ned Ryerson Corner".

As it turns out, a couple from Milwauke bought the house on 344 Fremont St for $435,000 in March, and are planning on doing a $500,000 renovation to transform the house into a five bedroom bed and breakfast inn.

If all goes well, the Martins hope to open the house as the Royal Victorian Manor this summer. Although I wish they would have taken the movie name of The Cherry Street Inn. The owners hope to make the new Inn "an upscale place with a select clientele" but I honestly think they could make a lot more money marketing it as the Groundhogs Day Bed and Breakfast.

Have maps of movie locations around the town for tourists who come and stay at the Inn. Possibly even have a yearly fan convention, and a screening of Groundhog in the town's square. Hey, if Christmas Story can do it, Groundhogs Day can do it.

source: UPI, Flickr