Sam Raimi Knows Nothing About Spider-Man 4; But Talks About It Anyway

A couple weeks ago, Kirsten Dunst told MTV she's "in" for Spider-Man 4. That was only two split seconds before she denied her casting confirmation ("I'm not saying anything, I know there's rumors..."). So which is it? Will Dunst be reprising her role as Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel double shoot? Director Sam Raimi tells Splashpage, "I'd love to work with her again. I hope she'll be written into it. I couldn't imagine making one without her, and I think she's an important part of the movies." If Dunst has signed a contract, nobody has told Raimi.

And for the villain? Raimi teases that "one day The Lizard's story will be told," but is unsure of "if it will be this [film] of not."

And wasn't the script supposed to be done a month or two ago? Sam sounds like he hasn't even glanced at it. Raimi claims that he "doesn't have a script yet" but if he were to return as a director, production would probably star "by March of 2010". I can maybe believe that Raimi has yet to red a draft of a script, but his claim that "I just don't know who the villain is yet" is almost beyond unbelievable. Raimi previously admitted to having gone over a story outline for the fourth film with screenwriter James Vanderbilt. Sure, things could always change, but I'm sure a villain is pretty much decided.