First 10 Minutes Of Sex Drive (One Of The Funniest Movies Of 2008)

We've tried to convince you that this weekend's Sex Drive conquers the odds for that ever commodified of genres, the teen sex comedy. And now Summit Entertainment has released the first R-rated 10 minutes online to convert the masses. This should give you a good idea of how the film balances funny rapid-fire sophomoric humor with cast chemistry reminiscent of so many '80s mallrat gems. While the movie's resident mack, Clark Duke, doesn't show up until the end, the brotherly crossfire between Josh Zuckerman and James Marsden hasn't lost any punch since our press screening exploded. And Zuckerman's Mexican donut now seems like a big Halloween Don't (Do?) for the ages.

Unless you're someone who apologizes for laughing with people who like beer, or you're super depressed about the economy or a dead pet, it's a really good time.

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