Michael Moore Filming New Movie In Canada

Michael Moore was spotted at an all-candidates debate in Ontario, Canada last week. After the debate Moore spent 90 minutes going door-to-door with NDP incumbent Tony Martin, in addition to interviewing five of the six candidates (Mike Taffarel of the Marxist-Leninist Party; Paul Bichler of the Liberal Party; incumbent Tony Martin of the socialist New Democratic Party; Luke McMichael of the Green Party; and Cory McLeod of the First Peoples National Party.). When Conservative candidate Cameron Ross declined to meet with Moore for a post-debate interview, Moore quipped "I don't know why he didn't stay... Maybe he was hungry. Conservatives get hungrier easier I guess." As it turns out, Ross was actually busy celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary.

But what is Moore's new movie about? The Canadian election system? One would assume that the footage will be part of the Fahrenheit 9/11 no-so-much-a-sequel but a follow-up film that Overture Films plans to release in Summer 2009. The Washington Times quotes Moore as saying ""I'm trying to break this down very simply for Americans, who basically have a hard time understanding how to vote themselves." Moore's cameraman eventually told The National Post that they were shooting footage for Moore's new movie "comparing Canadian and U.S. elections."

Moore has previously commented that the film "isn't about Bush", but and will instead "examine America as an empire, study its standing since the Sept. 11 attacks and present revelations to surprise audiences as much as the first film did." You can watch the video below of Pete Vere try unsuccessfully to get information from Moore about his current project.

photo credit: The Washington Times