Captain America Found In The Incredible Hulk Deleted Scene

You might remember that in June we reported that director Louis Leterrier was making the claim that Captain America had a brief cameo/easter egg in The Incredible Hulk.

"As a filmmaker and as a fan, I like to go see movies and watch them several times, ... and every time I see it, discover little things in the background," director Louis Leterrier said. "Did you know that in Iron Man, Captain America's shield can be found somewhere? Well in Hulk you might see Captain America Himself!"

Of course, everyone went to the theater and saw the movie, but no Captain America. The director then changed his claims, saying the scene in question was actually in one of the scenes that was cut from the finished film:

"There's a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decide to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else's considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we've cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet but I cannot tell you where or when and the material will definitely be on the DVD."

Well now the DVD is out and our friends at FilmSchoolRejects went through the deleted scenes frame by frame. The result is the screenshot of the Captain buried in the Arctic. If you look closely you can see his shield. I've been told its much clearer on the blu-ray disc, but no one has been able to do a HD screen capture yet.

Update: We've since added a few clearer photos which were posted in the comments.

I still get a lot of emails asking me how if the Captain America movie is set during World War II, how the Captain will appear in The Avengers film. This is the answer, he becomes frozen in the Arctic.